Customer Acquisition and Management

Fintech CRM Platform - skale technology stack is finance-specific and designed to support customer acquisition and management

Over 70 payment integrations

skale Customer Portal is pre-integrated with over 70 payment options that just require your merchant account credentials to start receiving payments

Growing with your business

Our suite of skale applications support your growth along every major milestone in building your business and growing it. Where adding a new brand can be done at the click of a button!

Zero development required

The Skale SAAS system has been developed to allow our CRM and Customer Portal to be fully operational and integrated without any development

Easy to use

The Skale CRM is continuously updated to market needs ensuring you get the leading-edge and built-for-purpose solution

Seamless integration

All the Skale systems are seamlessly integrated to MT4 and MT5 trading solutions.

Fintech CRM Platform

We hear many clients complaining of countless hours being wasted customizing their website customer portal, integrating new payment solutions and adding new features and workflows to their CRM. In the end, their solution becomes so complex that companies need to hire full-time employees to babysit the systems.
At skale we believe your business deserves better - solutions that are ready to go, easy to setup and customize and that scale with your business

Reduce Operation Costs

Improve sales and retention visibility

Add new brands instantly

Seamless integration to multiple VOIP providers

skale a Technology Only Solution

At Skale we love technology and making our customers happy by keeping their lives simple.
Our solutions have been built to grow as your business grows from a 5 person company to a 500 person call center driven business.
At Skale we aim to give control to our customers to manage all aspects of the systems via our Skale Management portal

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